First off I want to thank you again for your superb work on behalf of my healing. 

I have been listening almost daily to the recording. It is very helpful to review it. Your voice is soothing and supportive. You are very gifted. 

Part of why it is helpful to listen is that I am able to hear the fear in my voice and remember the body fear jacket of tightness I experienced during the regression. 

I was not aware of how tight I was/am. Now I am able to see it more clearly when this kind of tightness is operating. 


I have been able to re-connect with the feelings and experiences of our work together through the recording and have a new and enriched understanding. 

You are right - it keeps getting deeper. I trust that insights and integration will continue. 

I am very pleased and wish to do more work with you when the time is right. 


There has been a strong resistance to meditation since our work together - an interesting twist. 


I bought a star map and have been having nightly visits with the firmament. So far we have had one gorgeous night of starlight. 

That evening I saw a light zooming across the sky at a very high rate of speed. Very exciting. 

I have researched Sirius and Arcturus and am attempting to find them in the night sky. 


I do not feel such anxiety ( sense of discontent, or a low hum of distress)  as previous to our meeting. It seems that much of what troubled me in terms of the shame is gone. 

My heart is melting slightly towards R, but I am not forcing anything, not even meditation, but honoring the process that I am in. 

I am remembering often the child that is now inside of me and the infusion of the divine feminine which has come into my Being. It is an integration into wholeness. Yours, N.N.

 I feel very much more grounded! We definitely did something good! I'm not feeling scattered and I am feeling good going with the flow and not judging everything that I do! LOL! The next day I felt clearer. Writing down appointments and feel like things are aligning better :). Your very talented at helping people heal themselves! Can't wait for our next Mindful Practice session! RJ

" Margaret's gentle approach has 

been invaluable for my growth as a person. Process has helped me on spiritual and pragmatic levels which have led me to make decisions that are creating the life I desire!" M.S.

"Margaret provided the perfect supportive space for me to relax, feel safe and deeply cared for as she loving guided me on my amazing journey! The healing continues for me and I am so pleased to have experienced this wonderful work!" C.W.

For a considerable part of my adult life, and through some of my greatest struggles and successes, I have had the invaluable pleasure of working with Margaret. After many unsuccessful journeys in traditional therapies, we were connected, and mid-way through our first session I knew that I had found the person I had been searching for.

From the very beginning, Margaret has been a guiding voice; gentle, wise, and loving. In moments where I am balancing on an edge of an emotional breakthrough, she always seems find the words that encourage me to take a leap. 
One of the most incredible and important discoveries I have made with her has been the potential to heal my inner child.  Through thoughtful meditations, mindfulness, and evocative visualizations, Margaret has taught me how to travel, both visually and emotionally, to moments in my life that implored attention and healing.  Once there, Margaret has helped me create a safe time and place where I may lovingly meet different parts of myself and gain insights into the human experiences that have shaped me. As a visual artist, this work has been quintessential in my journey towards healing and self-growth; she has encouraged me to write, paint, laugh, scream, and cry my story.
Margaret consistently recognizes and individualizes the techniques I connect and find success with, and she strives to share her method with the world that so deeply needs it.

The explorations I have done with Margaret have deepened my relationships with friends and family, and it has fostered by ability for empathy and my desire to live a life founded by love. I have found a deeper connection to my art and in turn my career has lifted me to places beyond my dreams.

In a few weeks, I will welcome a daughter into this world.  I believe wholeheartedly that the self-love I have nurtured and grown thanks to Margaret will be an immeasurable source in my learning to mother, and I am more aware now than ever that the healing she has encouraged is bigger than me." E.P. Ontario, Canada

"It is hard for me to express how very grateful I am for my QHHT session with Margaret. I really am beginning to understand why they call it quantum healing.  It let me be in conversation with my higher self in a way that was much deeper and directed then I have ever done previously. My higher self directed me to get a QHHT session, so I was already in touch with my higher self but the reason to get a session is because the session is much more focused and if my mind should start to wander Margaret would bring me back.  I really did need the guidance and love and comfort that Margaret offered. I received information from my higher self that I had no idea I was capable of getting. Its kind a like you're channeling a higher being only it's you! So now I've use too many words to express something that I have no words for; it was a huge quantum leap in consciousness for me and I would recommend it to anybody wanting to connect with their higher self and or finding their path and their mission for this lifetime. A truly priceless experience, because I think it is changing and improving the world one person at a time and I am so thankful one of those people was me."


Much love,

R. B.

Dear Margaret,

Thank you so much for being part of our

baby shower. I knew I wanted to have your healing and prayerful magic there. I just didn't know in what way and you held our circle so beautifully. I love your magic and work you bring to this world!

Thank you so much! Much Love! LJ&R

"I am grounded. I am strong. I am volcanic rock". Those words came to me during a recent process with Margaret Andrews.  I was struggling heavily with fear and what felt like chronic anxiety. Worried about one of my brothers who is behind bars, worried about the health of my moms, worried about my absence in their lives, worried about the world ending. The list goes on and on. Daily life was pretty unbearable. Coming home after working all day and scrambling to sit and draw for an hour or two was the only thing keeping me in one piece. 
Those words came to me well over a month ago, and like a magic recipe - whenever I felt anxiety creeping in, I repeated them..... Volcanic rock?!! During the process I saw something like obsidian but heavy, set in the earth and complete, still, and with a confidence that everything is alright. 
I was gonna sit and draw another flower to add to my Unalaska Flora series, but last night the fear came back — 7.1 earthquake in Southern California. My family, I feel so far. 90 degrees in Anchorage the other day, it’s just unheard of. Dead whales. Records being broke daily. I don’t understand why people aren’t more alarmed or more active. It often feels like the world is crumbling and every single moment is a gift. “Am I where I want to be? Am I living the life that I want to live? Am I with the people I want to share my life with?” Those questions can either motivate or teeter the totter off the deep end. 🐞
— I had to conjure my magic spell last night. My partner is on the other side of the planet, so catching each other over the phone is never easy, even on Friday nights. That was my first response, his voice over the phone to calm the storm. However, I realize it’s best this way - alone with my present strength/anti-fear mantra and with art. ❤️ We already have all the healing we need.
The trees are tall and old like giant redwoods because we too are old. We are also the lava rock and we are also the comet. M.T.

I highly recommend a quantum healing session for anyone who is feeling ready for the next step, or curious about their healing path!  This is powerful work that has brought great and profound insight into my life. I have participated in three QHHT sessions so far, and they continue to deepen in amazing ways. Each session has been a blessing, and Margaret is a grounded, trustworthy, loving and compassionate guide. In the beginning I was worried about doing it right, or being able to be successful with trance work.  The experience has taught me that however it works out is perfect for each of us and where we are in the moment. If you are ready for answers and guidance on any element of life, then schedule a session. We are in challenging but beautiful times, and quantum healing has allowed me to step out of the fear into the faith of myself, my higher self, and the beautiful place we are creating. Fear is not controlling my life and thoughts in this moment, and I owe much of that to the work I’ve accomplished with Margaret’s guidance in connecting to my higher self and purpose. My hope in writing this is that it encourages you, also, to seek help; as the more of us are healing and finding ourselves, the better of a place this community and planet can become. J.M.