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Recent Client Reflection

The clouds told me a beautiful story. There were no words, but I listened. They swayed into the night sky, never dissolving. I followed along and so did the Moon. There were many Guides. I knew I had not been forgotten. I ran, I walked. I skipped and danced. I looked up to the sky and we giggled together. I felt pure and whole. It wasn’t just the sky and the clouds and the moon. It was Source and Spirit and all the angels. Their purity and wholeness encompassed me in their womb as I had not forgotten them either 🤍 6-29-2020

Recent Client Session

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Client expressing grief at not being able to birth her child at home, she ended up in the hospital with a C section. She was devastated. Her dream of a perfect water birth at home was shattered.

She felt in her body where the grief centered and she was invited to allow an image to form that represented the grief and she saw dark mountains and a deep pool of vibrant blue water. She said,” I felt the grief and now I also feel peacefulness, an intelligent wisdom and a deep connection to my own gene pool of ancestral mothers”.

She entered the pool, submerged herself and felt nourishment coming from the water/womb and the roots of the mountains. She heard/felt these words, “The live birth of your child is all that matters. There are millions of women who have had a worse birth and how many lost a child? You have a healthy, happy one!” Client realizes the gifts and lessons that were inherent in her experience; the ability to ask for help, knowing she couldn’t and didn’t need to do it alone and the development of her empathetic nature.  She now has understanding and compassion for others pain when in the past she couldn’t relate. This birth experience deepened her capacity as a mother and a woman and brought her closer to her Core Self, which is Universal in nature. She now has a new appreciation for her experience!

June 2, 2020

Session Reflection
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"I am grounded. I am strong. I am volcanic rock". Those words came to me during a recent process with Margaret Andrews.  I was struggling heavily with fear and what felt like chronic anxiety. Worried about one of my brothers who is behind bars, worried about the health of my moms, worried about my absence in their lives, worried about the world ending. The list goes on and on. Daily life was pretty unbearable. Coming home after working all day and scrambling to sit and draw for an hour or two was the only thing keeping me in one piece. Those words came to me well over a month ago, and like a magic recipe - whenever I felt anxiety creeping in, I repeated them..... Volcanic rock?!! During the process I saw something like obsidian but heavy, set in the earth and complete, still, and with a confidence that everything is alright. I was gonna sit and draw another flower to add to my Unalaska Flora series, but last night the fear came back — 7.1 earthquake in Southern California. My family, I feel so far. 90 degrees in Anchorage the other day, it’s just unheard of. Dead whales. Records being broke daily. I don’t understand why people aren’t more alarmed or more active. It often feels like the world is crumbling and every single moment is a gift. “Am I where I want to be? Am I living the life that I want to live? Am I with the people I want to share my life with?” Those questions can either motivate or teeter the totter off the deep end. 🐞— I had to conjure my magic spell last night. My partner is on the other side of the planet, so catching each other over the phone is never easy, even on Friday nights. That was my first response, his voice over the phone to calm the storm. However, I realize it’s best this way - alone with my present strength/anti-fear mantra and with art. ❤️ We already have all the healing we need. The trees are tall and old like giant redwoods because we too are old. We are also the lava rock and we are also the comet. M.T.