Margaret Andrews
  • QHHT/BQH & Embodied Wisdom Practitioner

  • Certified Hypnotherapist

  • Ceremonialist

  • Ordained Minister, ULC

  • Spiritual Counselor



For over 20 years I have been following my passion.....Healing and Healing Work. I am the quintessential wounded healer.  Every modality I have received for my healing, I have learned and practiced. Every healing I have experienced, I have wanted to learn so I could share that experience with others. I became aware of the healing potential of hypnotherapy 10 years ago. Seven years later, I was lead to The Dolores Cannon method of Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique.  I am not the healer, you are. I create the safe container, make the suggestions and ask the questions that allows you to facilitate your own healing. By allowing your conscious mind, ego or personality to feel safe enough to step aside and allow your Larger, Greater, Quantum Self ,  your Source connection, to guide you to which past, or parallel or other dimensional life is most appropriate for your evolution.  We will communicate with your Quantum Self and ask any questions you may have and receive a healing, as is appropriate at this time for you.  I am very excited to be on this healing journey with you in discovering just what you need. Sessions can go for 3-5 hours and are very in-depth.  Including an interview, past life regression and Quantum Healing portions. These sessions are held in person only. Please call with any questions. 

Along with QHHT, I offer Embodied Wisdaom Practice which is a combination of hypnotherapy and neuro-linguistic de-programming and the Intuitive Arts. EW works with your mind and emotions to facilitate the removal blocks to living life fully and open to Self- Love. If you have experienced depression, trauma, pain or disease this method is very helpful. Embodied Wisdom sessions are shorter in duration, lasting 1 1/2-2 hours.   Long  distance sessions work well by phone, as long as you have a quiet space, privacy and ear buds or a head set. Please call for a free 15 minute introductory session.


Ceremonies are a very special part of the dance of life. It gives me great pleasure to 

share with you and your loved ones the acknowledgement of the Spiritual side of life

in the beginnings, endings and inbetweens of living a full, rich life.